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Default Elkmont- Sunday 4/13/14

I have been swamped the last week or so between work, working on a Troutfest committee (get your tickets I can tell you the different auction items are going to be top notch this year and for a good cause), and trying to fish, so will try to play catch up.

The first shot is a picture just for Ducky, i have a new stream for you, it's new for me and I sure did not do it justice. There is a brookie in every hole and is crying for your posse's level of small stream expertise. Ask me at Troutfest, I will give you all the details, I would love to see a man of your skill work it! (P.S It's not in the park)

On Sunday I met my friend Dave at Elkmont, a Clinch TU alumni who had never fished Elkmont. His wife Melissa a TU officer was working with Casting for Recovery (no boys allowed) in Gatlinburg, so he was free for a few hours to discover new water. It was cool for me to play guide and feel no personal pressure to catch fish, I showed him some favorite holes and he managed to land and hit a few even with my help or hinderance!

It was a beautiful day, and for someone who fishes solo 90% of the the time it was nice to spend it with a friend.

Dave Gettin Set

Hookin it

Lettin her go

Dave is sworn to secercy on this hole

Dave saying "I did not double pinkie swear to that, I am showing my wife!

As any good guide Dave was provided at the end of the jaunt with an adult beverage and free popcorn and I was given an afternoon of showing off the park. A fair trade for both of us!
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