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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Yes Friday is the new weekend Peace can only be found Mon-Thur.

Pretty cool catching a Brookie that low. I have heard of that happening (even as low as Walland) but have yet to experience it myself. And I only warned the Brookies above 3000 feet so I doubt he even knew you were coming.

Curious if when you were comparing Thur and Friday were you comparing late Thur with earlier Fri? I have found that especially this time of year a few hours waiting can make a big difference on larger streams.

Glad you were finally able to get down here

Thanks for posting
Yes, I was comparing AM vs PM (in part). I fished PM in Tremont Thursday, but only AM in Little River. I fished all day Friday (PM in Tremont), then again this morning at Tremont (slow - just 2 to hand). So I fished both AM and PM at Tremont; only AM in LR.

Headin home after a quick visit to Little River Outfitters...

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