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Default Green River Headwaters

Three of us spent a week at the headwaters of the Green in WY. Is a state park right where the river starts; a natural and a small man-made lake form the headwaters. Is about forty
(40) or so dirt road miles from Pinedale, and we camped just outside the park as it was a bit crowded for our cigar smoking and whiskey drinking, but near enough for potable water and the head. Fishing was great; hit the Green for a float or two (2), Greys, and hiked into the Gros Vendt twice. Green was within walking distance of the camp, but a bit boggy and easy to drive down for good hard stand access. Sheep Creek off the Greys was fantastic; big browns run up for the trout. Saw moose, bears, cranes, and assorted deer and antelope; watch the antelope as they will run beside your car and suddenly veer across the road just in front of the auto. Did hit Pinedale for supper a few nights; camping and cooking a bit much every night on our sixty (60) plus bodies. One of our better western fishing trips.

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