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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
May I suggest you add this <html> to your signature by using the User CP(?).

It will keep your email address hidden from web-scanning software; but, allow others to open your email address up in their default email program. They can view it by right-clicking and copying email as well.

Hope this helps.
  1. Just change the to your email address and
  2. you can change the subject to whatever you want.
  3. The "Email Me" text is what will show up in your actual signature and not your email. So; you can change this to whatever you want as well.
<a href=" Forum Message">Email Me</a>
thanks for your input but it will not work on this forum due to the fact that html is turned off. Though BB code is permitted. After googling a html to bb code converter I found that if you replace the <a href and the <a/> with [url= and [/url] then it it works just fine and dandy. Tight lines everyone!
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