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Bag of Brookies

Filling the bags up

I always wondered why the horse reinforcing on the bridge was that wide. Now I know

Out of the 161 fish we shocked up, we only lost one. Another one was a little iffy but may have recovered. 159 survived which I thought was pretty impressive, and a testament to how careful the fisheries department are when handling fish.

We rode up and Matt dropped off coolers in 3 spots where we would be distributing the fish. My stop was first. Matt helped my carry the cooler down to the river and left me to release 50+ fish

I set the bags in an eddy to temperature acclimate before releasing

New Home sweet home. I put them in 6 different pools. Here is one of them

And an underwater shot of a new resident

Great Day in the park with great people

Can't wait to volunteer again

And I can't wait to fish this with some of you in the near future
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