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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post

If you look at his tail it's worn just slightly which indicates he spent his early life in a hatchery run

However I would think there is plenty of reproduction on the caney just like there is on the clinch. The clinch reproduction is really under appreciated and sadly twra doesn't want to admit it exists. Right now like every year the log jams and near shore eddies are full of rainbow fry from natural reproduction

Agree Jim! I see small brown trout fry often on the Clinch in the areas you mention. Had to catch a few to make sure they were not minnows. My understanding in regards to the TWRA's stance on browns reproducing is that they acknowledge they reproduce. However; they do not reproduce successfully enough to maintain the take and attrition of them from the river. I am glad they have stocked the Clinch with some fresh browns lately. They look very healthy and I hope they grow up to be legends. The river needs a few more river monsters after fish mongers have thinned their numbers over the years.

I would love to see:
  1. protection areas for browns in the winter months or
  2. harvest limits on browns 1-2 as part of daily take
  3. no fishing zone within 100 yards of the clear creek bridge & mark with a buoy in the channel (during spawning season).
  4. ban the aluminum and specialty fishing hooks on the river. Raw steel hooks only! I find too many trout with those colored aluminum hooks hung in their throats.
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