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Talking 5 Rivers and a slam for Nathan

This week is finals week which allowed Nathan to sneak off with me mid week to do some Smokies fishing. I had the idea to fish this stream after hearing about someone having an awesome day recently compounded with Matt Kulp saying that there are tons of Big Browns for the small size of the stream

Nathan picked me up and we headed over the mountain. Pretty morning with light traffic, and besides some smelly brake pads we were no worse for wear at the trailhead.

Here are some easy clues even an amateur Smokies fisherman could follow.

Cool fungus growing on dead Hemlock

Wild Geraniums in Purple and White

We both guessed that this was used for trout at some point in History

We finally made it to the stream

Never seen this before

After just fishing a couple pools that were unproductive, we realized our folly. Wet boot print. I walked up a few more pools to confirm that the first one wasn't mine, and someone did beat us to the stream. Time for Plan B

I just a minute or two it seemed like a good plan when Nathan caught this lovely Brown

Call me if you want to go fishing, boating, hiking, or if you want to buy a foamie

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