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I hooked into a Brown a minute later that wasn't as nice and I lost him at the last second. Just enough time to get a good look at a yellow belly

Sadly to say this was my best Rainbow of the day

Plan C - Awful tight

Me and Sally

We fished up a few pools with no success. We both decided it was a bit tight for the day, and hiked back out. Nathan was determined to catch a fish out of a new stream and his persistence paid of in the short stretch between the culverts and the stream

Plan D

As we were hiking down to Plan D Nathan and I both spotted a pool that would be perfect for a nice Brown. Unfortunately for the fisherman the placement of trees and currents made it impossible to fish it good

I knew this guy was around but I was glad to actually see him

Anyone know what these are about? Thought maybe someone was buried here or maybe someone dropped some ashes here?

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