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Originally Posted by Joe Congleton View Post
Maybe while you were sitting out the rain, you should have been fishing. Saw a 22 inch brown trout come out of thet river on a fly in dirty water between the campground bridge and the next bridge downstream. . Course that was about four decades ago, but l suspect there are several big browns still in the river there. The mountain boys loved to fish the river when it was rain stained. They would show up with a reel loaded with straight ten pound test monfilament line, a short fly rod and a yellowhammer fly loaded with lead wire. They would let out line slowly and the current take the fly , and the fly sink, then add tension and raise the fly off the bottom and swing the fly cross stream and hang onů.it was deadly on the larger fish. Unfortunatetly they weren't totally observant of the catch and release regulations there .
Those browns can still be seen.
In pictures on the pin up board in Green Cove Market.
Most of the pictures are from the 80s and early 90s and were taken right before they were tossed on ice.
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