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Alright joe, you got me. There are still big browns in BR. When I walked above Kirkland I got in the stream at Kirkland trail head. Just a ways upstream I came to a bit of a bottleneck, if you will. I had a bad cast land next to the moving water in what looked like shallow still water. My dry never moved and I thought the stone fly was snagged on bottom. But when I picked up to recast the bottom pulled back. All I saw was a swirl and felt a brief, strong tug. Never saw the fish, and its possible it was a rainbow but doubtful.

Also I got broke off twice last year in the gorge. One I know was brown, I was standing on one side of a small fall casting over the white water to the other side. A nice brown ate my thunderhead. I set the hook but never even felt it pop before I pulled in nothing but leader
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