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Originally Posted by Robinryder2 View Post
Nice report! That's a good size brown for the Stream. I want to ride over and fish the BR. I always get drawn to tellico, north or sycamore.

But as far as sycamore creek goes how far are the brookies up?

This is from a trip a week or so ago.

I always catch plenty of bows but I've only saw and missed one spec. It was a good sized and it really surprised me. All I saw was a take and a flash of orange as my dry disappeared and I missed it.

The Brookie I saw was a slightly downstream of the red dot and the purple was as far as I fished.
I wish I knew more to help you out there. I have caught one brookie in the mainstream at the upper end of the sour wood camp. That was my first time in tellico area. It would seem, reading the story I linked, they possibly could be all throughout. I have not heard that is the case however.

My brothers inspiration so far has led to him doing a bit more research on sycamore. Unfortunately he hasn't found anything I didn't already. The Appalachian TU page is as good as I've found so far, but I think we already discussed that in another thread.

I am thinking about trying the brook trout challenge but it will have to wait until after we do our bushwackin trip to find the naked lady in the smokies... If she's still there
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