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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Nathan and I did the same thing you did at Sycamore. Caught lots of tiny rainbows and no Brookies. We then went to the hatchery and spoke with the TWRA folks (one guy was in the youtube video talking about the restoration) who told us we needed to go up further and it was easier to access from the top end. Where it first hits the gradient and loses the trail he said were some, but going further up was the recommendation.

I need to learn this area better

The one I missed sort of shocked me. I thought to myself, "**** yeah you've found em." Lmao

But as you know, I sure as heck didn't.

I bushwacked and fished up from where the trail leaves the creek and sort of splits into a dry gulley on the left, a trickle in the middle and the main flow on the right. But it was getting dark and I was alone in the woods, so I decided to head back.

I'm determined to find them whenever I can get back down there. Which is soon I hope. Living 25 mins from the clinch I tend to gravitate there.
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