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There is a lot of historical background involved here between state and federal contributions to trout hatcheries and trout stocking over the years. Some of you have asked me for clarifications or explanations on the issues. Frankly a book could be written on it to explain it fully.

The bottom line is that THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, PRESUMABLY FROM THE TOP DOWN, HAS TOLD THE FISH AND WIlDLIFE SERVICE TO CUT BACK OR STOP FUNDING OF TROUT HATCHEries. eggs, etc. The question is where is replacement money going to come from. The feds are saying it should come through budgets of others. Some federal agencies have stepped up to the plate and put replacement funding in their budgets and will continue support. TVA has stopped short of that kind of long term commitment and said it will only continue for two years, and formed a "task force" or discussion group to determine where other sources of funding may come from. Again, if TVA does not pick up the funding long term or some other long term source does not materialize then it falls on TWRA to figure it out with what funds can be obtained from fees, licenses, permits or some other sources. POINT IS: every body who trout fishes in the state needs to be paying a lot of attention the whole game is changing. That is why it is critical to show concern by attending this meeting.

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