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This might offend some, but it needs to be said.

Anyone who uses our tailwaters that didn't attend should be embarrassed and doesn't really deserve the opportunity to enjoy the resource. I didn't see a single one of the guides who uses the rivers, nor did I see the majority of the regular posters here in attenendance. I guess they're more worried about trivial bs or indicator color to show up to help make sure we have trout rivers in the future.

It's nothing new, guys like Flat Fly N, Joe Congleton, Rick Murphree, George Lane, Larry Rogers, Steve Morton, etc etc have been fighting these fights for you all for decades and nothing changed tonight as these same folks carry the burden while the majority sit on the couch clueless, uncaring, or unmotivated to do anything to help preserve what we love. I for one am forever grateful to guys like the above mentioned, without them we wouldn't have the great fisheries we do now

I guess y'all don't understand the issue that is at stake? There's the possibility there are no more trout hatcheries which means no more trout in the tailwaters to catch. To say the least it's an important issue and not getting involved is absurd

I just don't get the mentality of 90% of the folks who use the Clinch. I guess their selfishness precludes them from doing anything other than for themselves. Or maybe it's laziness.

I'm sure this is wasted, but you can submit comments through , however I can only assume that is too much effort to put forth for a lot of folks.

Apologies for the rant, but after seeing the interest in the Clinch Quality thread, and the lack of interest in this issue it hit home how screwed up the priorities of many clinch users are currently.
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