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Originally Posted by David Knapp View Post
Attended via the Webinar (although only made it for the last half or so after having some issues getting it going) and wish I could have made it in person but it didn't work out that way. I believe I heard correctly that the entire meeting recording will be available to listen to online by morning? Could someone verify/clarify that for me? May have misunderstood.

This IS a huge issue as it sounds like we cannot count on much of anything from the US Fish and Wildlife Service moving forward. In other words, a solution from the interested parties will have to be developed if we want to continue with the quality tailwater fishing we currently enjoy... Much thanks to all who were able to attend in person!
I got the same impression that the USFWS is not reliable to fund this in the future, and it seemed as if TWRA has drawn a line in the sand where they will only contribute their $400,000.

This burden falls on TVA IMO since they're the ones that created the situation where nothing but trout can really survive below their dams.

I also think there is an opportunity to change management strategies on these rivers to lower the costs by way of reducing harvests and managing the rivers with more of a catch and release approach rather than put and take as they are managed now.
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