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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
I bet you'll enjoy those streams a ton when all of the tailwater trout folks are in them daily, including the bucket brigade bait slingers throwing spinners to fill their freezers.

Posts like the above show a level of ignorance that is astounding as to how all of this stuff is tied together.
Somehow I am not too worried about the tailwater people and baitslingers coming to the Smokies. Not too many people are willing to walk a half mile to chase little fish, let alone walk several miles.

Not sure why me going fishing one day and missing a meeting makes me ignorant of how things are tied together but maybe you can explain that to me. So if you could explain that maybe I'm not the only ignorant one here. It sucks when Uncle Sam bails on a system, and I will make a comment online. Your comment that everyone who missed the meeting shouldn't be allowed to fish a tail water is silly, although I'm glad to see you are passionate about the issue.
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