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Ducky, you get a pass from me becauce I know you will replay the web broadcast, slice it, dice it, dissect it and give your view. I will also add what a few may know about ducky and others do not, this year at Trourtfest he won the volunteer of the year award. This award is not given out lightly due to how many people contribute to the conservation of Trout on so many fronts, it is an honor to receive and he earned it. His work in the Smokies with water sampling and brook restoration is outstanding, and has earned him the role of team leader in some of the most difficult areas in the park to reach. In other words schelping brook trout from one area to the other, and getting water samples in very hard to reach places among other non glamorus jobs. God, I cannot believe I just wrote a testomonial to him! Passions run deep on the care of the outdoors just like politics, I applaud anyone who comments here because for those of us fortunate who live here or near their favorite waters we feel an inherent duty to protect not just for us but for the future, our visitors who come here or follow via the forum from that home or office desk far away. I was at the meeting and will expand in another post what I saw and my perception of it. It is important everyone has an open dialogue to discuss a very important matter but even more so as a collective group we can fine tune the search for answers. Of course it's also why cops hate witnesses's we all can attend the same event and have 99 diffrent descriptions of what happened!
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