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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post

Sadly, I believe there are plenty in this area who would do the same or are doing the same right now.

There is some sick obsession people have with trout, they treat them like a delicacy and to be honest they are fair at best when compared to other fish species.
I am quite certain that there are more than you would think in this area that are guilty of something similar to this. I have seen quite a few on the Clinch who kept more than their limit, including many in the slot. Called TWRA on a couple of them, as the were drifting downstream in kayaks, hoping they would catch them at Hwy 61. Also, I know a few guys who easily have five or six limits of trout in their freezer at any given time. In their mind as long as they only keep 7 fish per day they should be allowed to have as many as they want in their freezer.

I am sure that there are many others out there with that kind of mindset.

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