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OK earlier when Silvercreek posted I was out and about and responding, I got home took some time to read the bill it is tied to. There are 42 sponsors including Corker and Alexander signed to the orginal bill S.2363 Bipartisian Sports 2014 bill introduced May 20, 2014, which may explain why you see no co-sponsers on the amendments that McCain added on June 12th, maybe not a requirement, maybe a politico on here can explain that process. I also see that this is:
phase 1-introduction
next is phase 2-must pass senate
phase 3-must pass house
phase 4- than goes to President for his approval or decline
phase 5-than becomes law

Below is the miain bill that the SA3241 is a part of, so the way I see it, this may be progress but no time to let up with the results we are trying to acheive. If anything it may be actually the perfect time to accelerate our communications to federal, state and local officials and make them remain focused on the issue and the importance of it to those affected. In fact as it winds it's way thru the Senate we need to add the House of Representatives to the email list, I will work on that.

Between the orginal bill below and the amendment we are concerned with there are a lot of moving parts and chances for the ball to drop. I am encouraged by other forums taking an interest because as I have tried to stress this affects 12 different TVA tailwater areas. Thanks to silvercreek for posting the update!

Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.

Sec. 101. Electronic duck stamps.
Sec. 102. Modification of definition of sport fishing equipment under
the Toxic Substances Control Act.
Sec. 103. Target practice and marksmanship.
Sec. 104. Exemption for subsistence users.
Sec. 105. Permits for importation of polar bear trophies taken in sport
hunts in Canada.
Sec. 106. Baiting of migratory game birds.
Sec. 107. Recreational fishing, hunting, and recreational shooting on
Federal public land.
Sec. 108. Annual permit and fee for film crews of 5 persons or fewer.

Sec. 201. Availability of Land and Water Conservation Fund for
recreational public access projects.
Sec. 202. Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act.
Sec. 203. North American Wetlands Conservation Act.
Sec. 204. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act.
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