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Default Great Smoky Moutntain TU Chapter Meeting July 1st 2014

The Great Smoky Mountain Trout Unlimited Chapter is meeting in Knoxville, TN. tomorrow night July 1st, 2014 at Calhoun's, Bearden Hill, 6515 Kingston Pike, 37919. in the private dining room. The room opens at 6pm for those whoe want to eat (not mandatory), and the meeting starts at 7PM. If you are a past, present, or future member of this chapter please come out. The agenda will include updates on the TU stance on the Trout Stocking in Tailwaters issue and other chapter issues. If you live or work in the Knoxville area and have thought about attending a TU meeting but find the other TU chapters meetings a little distant this may be a good fit for you.
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