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Daniel I think Dan Bailey distributes and may also be involved in the manufacturing process of Dai Riki. I have noticed some quality issues with them however. TMC is my first choice for most model hooks I use. Their jig hooks, European competition style, and larger heavier nymph hooks have caused me to start looking at some other alternatives. Just about all the top name brands like Mustad, Daiichi, and Gamakatsu all make very good hooks. Mustad has made some improvements the last few years. Daiichi makes some models that TMC doesn't and they have held their prices down a little better than TMC. They are in my opinion a close second for trout style hooks. Gamakatsu makes some great hooks that I use for my warm water and salt water ties. Their trout selection is very limited though. I don't think you could go wrong with any of them quality wise. I have just recently tried some Allen hooks. Some models I liked and some I didn't. The jig hooks and large nymph hooks were the main ones I was trying. Mainly because I fish them frequently and always weight them or put beads on them, so I expect to loose more of them. They may end up filling the void for inexpensive specially hooks at half the price of TMC.
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