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I've used the Doculator from Orvis with the wrapped body and did not like the way it sits on the water. The neversink is your best bet if you want a yellow foam yellow sally pattern. If you go with a big stimulator wrapping the body can work well. Just my thoughts. I also spent more than a year to try and tweak the neversink pattern by adding this or that and the original was always better
Thanks Duckypaddler! I am always getting a little creative with the patterns and have thought about using a a red sharpy on the tail of a Neversink.

I tie & fish these every once in a while. They float pretty well, but you can't use a weighted dropper with them. I didn't think the fish liked them more than anything else.
Thanks Grannyknot I will have to try this one out. Love learning new patterns and experimenting.

Oh by the way, A couple weeks ago Daniel Drake posted photos of Rob's Hellbender, from the photos I figured out how to tie them and tried them out last weekend. Nice fly! Floats well and works great with a dropper.
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