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Originally Posted by Kris View Post
Thanks Duckypaddler! I am always getting a little creative with the patterns and have thought about using a a red sharpy on the tail of a Neversink.
Not a bad idea.... I know Jason used to make some neversinks with a little fluorescent orange or red at the end of the thread wraps just at the bend of the hook to get a similar effect and said it worked well. I have a couple and can post a pic later, but again I have to agree with ducky... the original seems to be the best. The only thing I really do different from the commercially made ones is wrap them with more hackle. (5-6+ wraps with two feathers vs 3-4 on commercial ones) They float higher, longer, and get more strikes/do better with a dropper in my opinion. But I'll buy the yellow ones from LRO when I don't feel like tying them and the purchased ones work well too.
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