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Default Winter Fly Patterns

I would like to start off by saying that I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to fly fishing so bear with me. I have taken several fly fishing trips to the smokies the last few years with some good friends. We usually fish between the spring months through late fall. Every year my enthusiasm for fly fishing seems to grow as I am learning more with each trip I take. We took our first winter trip last weekend, and I will have to be honest...It was tough. We fished Abrams Creek all weekend since it tends to stay a little warmer in the winter months. Friday it seemed that we caught the tale end of some good fishing. Although we didn't get started until late friday afternoon, we managed to catch 3 trout before dark. Saturday was another story with only a few bites early in the morning. After that we didn't get any bites. Sunday was beautiful and we caught one rainbow right after we got started. After that we seemed to struggle. I was wondering if anyone may have some helpful information on some good winter patterns. Also, just wondering how well others may have done this past weekend. Thanks!!
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