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Default Re: Winter Fly Patterns

This is my first post after being a long time lurker on the old Little River message board. I was bamaflyguy's fishing partner this past weekend. I guess I'll add my own report for our trip. We had some pretty good luck on Friday and early Saturday using large hare's ears. Strangely, we had our best luck in pocket water. I don't quite feel efficient at fishing the large pools. I'm either not getting my nymphs to the bottom or I'm spooking the fish. After the snow quit and the sun came out Saturday, seems like the fish shut off (I usually blame the weather or some other cosmic force when I can't catch a fish). We couldn't buy a bite even though quite a few bwos were on the water. Tried nymphs, wets, and bwo dries. Sunday we decided to fish the spring creek portion of Abrams, knowing it would be tough but figuring it would be good experience. We tried a lot of downstream presentations with long drifts to help avoid spooking fish. Caught a really nice rainbow (12" or so) on a pheasant tail. After that, we had trouble not spooking the fish. We had a great time. We camped at the campground in Cades Cove in the snow and managed to not freeze to death.

We've been flyfishing on occasion for the last five years or so. We had only been fishing for trout 4 or 5 times a year, but this year we've vowed to go much more often and also to begin some serious warmwater fly fishing.

Both bamaflyguy and myself are from the Huntsville area and would be glad to take some trips together. Keep in touch and we'll plan something.

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