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Default Re: Winter Fly Patterns


Sounds like you guys had some pretty good luck yesterday. I guess the warming warmer water had the fish biting a little better. We tried a Pheasant Tail over the weekend and only managed a few fish. I think the snow melt and colder water played a part in that. I did find the park ranger info a little amusing....That could be some really useful info to know. I will definitely be in my vehicle by dark from now on. I have only been confronted by a park ranger once in my many trips to the smokies. It started out as a random license check. He seemed to be somewhat friendly....although...he did accuse me of using my beanie weenie's for bait (even though they were in my pack along with a fork and some crackers). And I was momentarily frisked to check for fish in my fly vest. Other than that no problems...


I think my buddy answered your question about where we are from. We definitely need to get together sometime. Keep in touch...
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