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Default Re: Bama Flyfisher Here...

I am new to the board and also from Alabama so I figured I would post my info under your subject. Bamaflyguy and myself live in Huntsville. We get up to the Smokies about 5 times a year. We make some trips to the Hiwassee and the Elk every year. We also hit the small tailwater down below Smith Lake a few times a year, though it seems like fishing in a barrel full of hungry fish on most days (fun but sometimes you want more of a challenge). We are part of a small group of six or so fly fishing and bass fishing friends. Bamaflyguy, my brother (who will probably join the board at some point as Drake or some derivative) and myself are the most avid fly fishers of the group. We all started out as bass fishermen on Guntersville and Wheeler Lakes but have gotten hooked on fly fishing. Bass fishing has become too competitive and too crowded for me. I plan to start fly fishing for bass and bream in the more secluded waters in our area this year. I am an engineer here in town, but would love to figure out a way to make a living in the field of fly fishing, outdoor writing or something similar. For me, the problem with engineering is that while it pays well, I don't enjoy it and probably wouldn't be happy at any other typical desk job. I'm engaged to be married this coming fall and hope to get my fiance hooked on fly fishing . My internet name, hawgdaddy, is a word one of my friends made up as a term for a really big bass. Somehow, hawgdaddy eventually became my nickname. And it appears that I have some kind of problem that causes me to write posts that are much too long. I guess that's my mini-autobiography. Hope to get to know you all,

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