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Default 29.5" Brown from the Watauga 1/17/2006!!!!!!!

Wow, words cannot explain how awesome this trip was. *I fished with Topper and we hit the Watauga. *We had already had a good day of fishing, which turned into an awesome day of fishing and one that I will never forget. *It was rainy and windy all day long. *The stream got progressively muddier and milkier from the runoff. *Towards dusk we both went to streams and boy did it pay off. *This is the largest fish I ever ever caught period, not to mention the largest trout on a fly rod. *The big boy measured at 29.5" and had a girth of 16". *Well here's the pics. *The fish was released, but not after giving me a nasty gash in my finger while trying to remove the hook.

Kris Maurer
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