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The trail that drops off th AT and hits Hazel is Welch Ridge trail. I went up there solo one day, I ended up backing out and heading back up Welch Ridge and on up to Silers Bald to spend the night. I could tell it was going to be too tough to go all the way to Hazel, and fish, and then try to get back up to Silers to camp. Thats the problem, there is no camping permited any where on upper Hazel creek. You would have to go all the way to Bone Valley, I think, in order to camp. I think this trip would only be fesible if you had a couple of days and a shuttle at the lake. I let the newly opened brookie water skew my judgement as I was looking at my map ,at home, before my trip. If you could camp at the cascades it would be no problem. Haveing to come all the way back up to Silers to spend the night, is a big problem. For me anyway.
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