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Default Re: Small Clousers and line weight needed to throw

AA... I agree with David that a fast action rod would help in this situation. However, I also agree with Byron that a shorter leader would improve casting heavier flies. I would suggest you try some variations on leaders before buying another rod. For one thing, you could make your own tapered leaders using perfection loop knots to connect the sections, and use fluorocarbon as a tippet. Fluorocarbon is stiffer than nylon/monofiliament, but it is also more abrasion resistant and harder for the fish to see due to its color index. However, bass and bluegills are not particularly leader shy like trout tend to be at times. Fluorocarbon, due to its stiffer nature will turn over heavy flies more easily than mono. I know this from my saltwater fishing experiences tossing 6 to 7 inch bucktails with a stiff breeze (using a 10-weight). If you try fluoro, you need to use some different knots to attach the fly than with mono. One of the best is the non-slip loop knot. Using that knot you also gain the advantage of having better action using Clouser style flies. If you are unfamiliar with that knot, go to Google search and type in "Lefty's Knots 101." You'll get an article with knots from the ol' master himself, Lefty Kreh. Finally, like Byron said, "sixty feet ain't bad." In my book, unless you are limited by movement, that's really further than you generally need to toss. Shorter gives you better control and detection of strikes. Happy fishing.
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