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Default Re: Beginner Fly Tying

When I started tying, I didn't have much green and did what I could with what I had and was just a little A vise from some big brand box store - though it would have been nice to get a better vise - I really wasn't ready for a quality because I did not know what I needed just yet. That old vice was great to learn on as i read some books and kept at it...Skip Morris's "Fly Tying made clear and simple"was where I started and it seem to be as good as any place for an uninitiated to start. My starting patterns were elk hair caddis, para-adams, and a pheasant tail nymph - and they are pretty much standard in my Smokies box. Different sizes and colors can cover just about most hatches in the park if your limited on buget as I was....
Later as I progressed, I ended up with nicer tying equipment and more feathers and scraps if hide that i care to admit - so heres the best advice that no one ever gave me as I started out - find a way now to organized your tying stuff -it will get out of control like you would not believe!!! I handed the A vise to my 3year old who tied his first fly in a multi colored stack of chopped up micro chenille cross between a shreaded up San Jaun worm and a dead pheasant tail with sewing thread mixed in it was a beauty! Haven't fished it just yet, though i sure some stocker in Gatlinburg would eat the thing.
There is just nothing like the feeling of catching fish with the flies you've tied...

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