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Default Re: Average size........

When I first started bass fishing my average fish was pretty small. It was VERY rare that I landed the big fish. Then the more I fished where talking day in day out the size got bigger. I started catching 2-3lb fish on a regular basis and now I have caught several 5-6lb bass.

I think as your technique gets better and your knowledge of lures and presentation get better so does the size of the fish. Granted that Gatlinburg is probably one of the toughest places I have ever trout fished. You just have to be more careful in stalking the fish. When I had my guided trip we spent the first 15 minutes just looking at the stream. I saw some REALLY good size fish come through and if I had the patience and perfect presentation I am sure I could have caught them. I also found that I caught bigger fish in tailwaters where its easier to work without spooking the fish.

We where about 30 feet up above some trout and saw them actually spook just from our movement. I am going to go up to Walmart and get some of the hunting camo when it goes on sale. I would like to get the 3D leafy jacket and maybe something to go over my waders.

I would like to unlock the secret to big trout because they have to eat too.
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