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Default Re: Winter Fly Patterns

My first trip to Gatlinburg landed me ZERO fish!! The next trip I got a guide who showed me how to fish that area. I was actually doing a LOT of things wrong. He showed the importance of being quiet and taking my time to locate the fish before I ever made a cast. I think I made a single cast after about 5-10minutes of close watching.

Getting a guide is worth EVERY penny!! I learned about using a dry fly with a dropper and the proper technique to score fish. Now that my casting has improved I want to learn some more advanced techniques. It was amazing all the little things I picked up from my guide. I would not stop at just getting a guide once either. Because different conditions require different presentations. The day I went the sun came out and he showed me the perfect approach for those conditions. Now I want to learn the best ways to nymph fish. I am even thinking about getting guides when I go bass fishing on new lakes. Getting a guide is not cheap by all means but the knowledge you take home for future outings is invaluable.
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