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Default Re: Fishing Port St. Joe Florida

I lived & guided in St. Joe for 13 months last year. I've fished the area for over 8 years only in the summer prior to moving there. I found the the fishing in Feb., at least last year, to be very tedious and un-productive most days. The reds do not move up onto the flats untill the water temps rises to their liking...seemingly around the 75 degree mark and above. Hope this winter is warmer than last. The norm is that the fishing begins improving around Feb. 15th and just gets better and better. A couple of times last Feb. I was successful in finding some willing reds and was able to succesfully guide clients to them. For whatever reason they are some of the spookiest fish I've ever delt with. Look for schools of 100 to 200 fish visually. They hardly move about, push little water and the tale-tale nervous water usually only happens when you've spooked them! Train your eyes to look for the copper a 50 ft. diamater copper penny. Then approach slowly and keep your distance. Being in a kayak or on foot will increase your chances. Cast only to the outer edge of the school and be prepared to cast 60-70 foot. This is not to discourage you but simply inform you and prepare you. I do this for a living....and I can't take people's money unless I think they have a resonably good chance of success. Based on what I saw all of last winter, and it was an odd one - colder than normal - I personally don't plan on being there permanently till later in the spring. If you go in Feb. you should fish the Cape side of the Bay if the wind is favorable and fish the falling tide if your blessed with both. If not fish the St. Joe side (just to the south of town). I find the incooming tide to be much better on this side. Good Luck and let us know how it worked out for you.
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