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Default Biggest Trout to Hand in the Park

Just how big do they grow in the Park?
Hollis started a good thread discussing the average size catch in the park. *If you have not read it and/or replied, it is worth the time. * * *

What I am curious about is just HOW BIG *do the trout get in the park? *I have heard a story at LRO about a 28 incher. *

My best for browns is 17" caught at ______________, nah, I'll keep it a secret. *I was fishing a size 14BHHE in very swift water roughly 6 feet deep shortly after a heavy summer rain.

The biggest bow I've brought to hand is 16". *It was caught on a size 18 bead head Copper John. *Once again I was in very swift water, but it was maybe 3 feet deep and clear.

Maybe one day we'll all find a 'Park Monster', but for now my best will have to do.

We would all enjoy hearing your stories of your personal best. *I know there has to be many stories of 20" and better, so let's hear them!
May you fish more than you wish for.
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