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Default Re: Abram's Creek Horseshoe

Great advice, Hans...

We warn people all the time about the hazards of trying the Big Shoe alone or if leaving too late. This is a dangerous place...a deep ravine that has no out, except onward or into a big hole that can be tricky to find your way out of when tired from a long day. We all know stories of folks who have inadvertantly spent the night there... Also, Abrams is known for its "table rock", or slabs of limestone, set at rough angles - try 45 degrees and wading...oi...

To all of you, please, please do NOT do this section of Abrams alone - and it DOES take a full day of wading - hard wading...starting at first allowed entry to the Cove and ending late....

It can be a wonderful place to fish, just heed the advice of those who have gone before you...and be safe.

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