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Default Re: Biggest Trout to Hand in the Park

Biggest bow, 14" out of Abrams - though there are some bigger ones floating around...Hugh Harstell has managed a 22...
I happened into an 18" brownie outta the Crusher Hole , most likely out of sheer luck, blind casting a PT at the tail end after spooking a larger one foolishly thinking that the one I spooked would somehow come back and eat my fly... the sad thing is, the brown I did catch had this bright gold aberdeen bait hook in its jaw with about 10 test trailing off it...I kept the hook with the picture of the fish....but believe you me, there are some much bigger hoss's that sit there glued to the bottom and you can see 'em down there just a grinnin' at ya...
And my personal "holy grail" is a 12" spec, wich I believe I have seen as one came lauching out from under a log in a plunge pool trying to snag the little fingerlin bow on my caddis - I tried everything to tease that one back out, but he never showed again....the closest I have come is 11"in a place most people would'nt suspect in the Park, though that was a few years if I can only catch a tiger trout...

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