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Default Re: Biggest Trout to Hand in the Park

I don't feel too bad any more about my fishing ability. *I figured all the "real" fly fishermen were hauling in 20 inchers every season. *This thread has given me much more confidence. *My largest rainbow was a fish that went around 12 inches out of Little River last fall on a partridge and yellow. *My brother and I have landed several (5 or 6) browns from our favorite Smokies stream (my personal secret spot, everybody needs one) that would go between 12 and 14 inches. *We didn't measure them, so this is a guess but I feel a fairly good one pulling on my past experience guessing bass length during tournaments and we have a good photo of one of them. *I lost one last fall there that I believe would have gone over 15 inches. *We saw two in a slow pool on Tremont several years ago that would have gone over 15 inches but they laughed at our presentations as I do now thinking back on the encounter.

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