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Default Re: Yellowstone Trip


You are in for the trip of your life. I went to Yellowstone this last summer for the second time, first time fishing though. It is incredible to say the least. I was there early enough that the Firehole was not too warm yet so I fished it a lot and had a blast. One thing I would recommend based on my trip is that you try some of the small backcountry lakes if you have the time. The fish probably won't be as large, but getting away from the crowds is well worth it and the fishing can be great. Depending on which lakes you try, you can find Cutts and Grayling. Also, the fish on the small lakes aren't picky. I spent three or four hours fishing a small lake and started with a parachute Adams. After catching 5 or 6 fish in about 20 minutes, the fly was mangled so I tied on a GRHE and fished it the rest of the day with equal success. If you have a float tube, that will definately help if you are fishing any of the lakes. Some of the small streams are fun also if you get tired of the crowds.

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