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Default Re: Abram's Creek Horseshoe

I have caught plenty of fish on both ends, but I have to say that it has always been some tough wading. The angle of the some of those large flat rocks makes it very difficult to wade, and I would not even think about trying it without a partner. I have patches all over my waders from fishing these areas, not to mentioned the scares from the Laurel scrapes. When the water is high, you can beat yourself to death fighting thru the edge.

Last year, we were fishing just up and over the hill from the campground in the first long slow pool. I was standing in chest deep, working over to the other side when I noticed something very large coming down the pool underneath the surface. It was a beaver, heaed right for me, and when I moved my leg, he turned and darted back upstream so close to me, it nearly knocked down. I'm not sure who scared who. But my fishing partner sure got a kick out of it. It looked like a submarine in that river.
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