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Default Re: Keep or Release????

Catch and Release 100%. *For the last 5 years or so, 90% of my fishing takes place in the Park. *Just as previous responders, I see so many people mistreating fish in the park that I am more comfortable releasing my catches. *Another reason is I don't eat fish. *No particular reason why, I just don't eat them. *

After a catch, I try to net them as quickly as I can (especially in hot weather), handle them as little as possible, and make sure they are "oxygenated" before I allow them to swim off. *When I do not use a net, I always wet my hand(s) before handling and try never to scrape them against anything that may remove the film. *This is my way of trying to preserve the most important participant of a sport that has amazed yet beWILDered me at the same time. *

Good topic for discussion. *I look forward to keeping up with the responses to this thread.
May you fish more than you wish for.
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