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Default Re: Keep or Release????

Ok here it goes lets see if I can be graceful. I do almost, nearly always practice C&R BUT, I do sometimes keep a trout or two. They will always be stocker bow. Never a brown or for god's sake a Smallmouth, they have a special place in my heart. If I fish a state stocked section of stream in VA I will keep a few, it is put and take water. So if I don't keep it the next crawler drowner will. I have the view that thos fish are put there for that purpose. I shoudl be able to get in on the eatin' too. Also I fish the Holston alot. When they put those pesky little bows in there I do my part to keep a few and get them outta the way. I know todays dink is tomorow trophy. BUt I agree with overpopulated streams are worse than under for size matters. I won't keep the fish unlesss I can fry them that evening, won't freeze them. I also only keep 2 to 3 size depending. My wife won't eat them so I am only feeding myself. This reminds me of a story. I was on the Holston and was whacking those little bows, I decided to keep a few so I broke off a ol stick for a stringer and went to hanging them right before I left. On the trail on the way out I passed a local guide with a client. He said "huh looks like you had a good day" in my best snotty voice. He acted like they were his fish. I kinda got ticked, I said "ya should have kept the other 30 or so I caught"! I know that was wrong, but the Holsotn is full of fish and my few to eat a couple or three times a year isn't going to kill it. Oh well running in circles better let it go now!

CPR= catch, photo, & release!
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