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Default Re: Beginner Fly Tying

This weekend I stopped and looked in a pool on the stream and started sifting through the rocks. I noticed the stonefly was everywhere!! I was able to catch several fish on something that resembled it however I want something that is much closer to the real thing. Now I am debating on starting to do some tying of my own. Going to see if the wife wants to learn with me as she seems to be getting more interested in my fishing passion. I am glad a lot of you are steering people away from the kits because I came close to buying one. My first thought was how cheap are the components they use in those kits. Since I am in no REAL hurry on getting started I think my first job will be searching for a good vise. Then I will most likely start attending the fly tying classes down at LRO since we are down there on a regular basis.

I would highly suggest that anyone who thinks they might get into fly tying or just want to watch. Definitely go down to LRO in the fall when they have the big fly tying event. We lucked up on being down there that same weekend and it was the coolest thing watching these guys work. Some of the stuff they tied was just AMAZING!!!
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