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Sorry this is late; forgot id/pw for new bb. There is a campsite above Bone Valley, #82 Calhoun. I do not know if anyone suggested taking the boat from Fontana ramp across to the trailhead of Hazel Creek, and hiking up. Last time I went it was $30 round trip; only pay for the trip in and back is covered. This is the only way I have ever gone in, and works OK for an old fart. I do not have the phone # for the ramp, but there is only one dock. Call and set it up before arriving, and that time of year I would think you could go at your leisure. Hazel is a magical place. I like Cold Spring Branch, and have caught one of each species more than a few times. Are probably brookies up Hazel past Calhoun; I have cached there, after hiking up from Bone, and fished upstream. Boulders get a bit much above there, but that is just my age talking. Please post info about trail when you return; my last trip the main bridge was bent and the trail badly rutted coming from Fontana. Understand bridge fixed, and that should have allowed USPS to do some maintenance on the trail. Have a good trip. HW3
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