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Default Re: Yellowstone Trip

I was fortunate enough to live in WY for several years, and though I have traveled quite a bit, no place I've seen is as awe-inspiring as Yellowstone. Previous posts are good advice in my opinion, especially about the backcountry. Yellowstone gets awfully crowded, and like the Smokies, putting in some hike time may take up fishing time, but it makes the overall experience better. I always found it relatively easy to match the hatch in Yellowstone, no top secret special flies required, and I advise taking a few streamers, too!

If you get outside the park, I'd fish the Henry's Fork just to say you have, but I personally prefer the Madison as you get near Ennis, Montana. It can be tricky water, though, so be careful.

Back inside the park, let me say be careful again. I thought I was pretty seasoned growing up in the Smokies, hunting and fishing my whole life. But the altitude in the Rockies will make you 75% of the man you think you are, and you can't whip a bear at 100% anyway. It's surprisingly easy to get turned around, because you have to look at things differently than you do here in our hills. In my opinion, though, that's what makes for such a great experience... testing yourself. You'll love Yellowstone, and the fact that this post ended up being three times longer than I'd intended reminds me that I must be missing that country...
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