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This should bring out some great stories. *My strangest catch while fishing was when I was a kid spin fishing in a creek in Oklahoma. *I was fishing a spinnerbait slowly, lifting it off the bottom and allowing it to fall back. *Suddenly, it just stopped. *Now, as a kid I was upset because that spinnerbait cost me good money and I didn't want to lose it to some underwater log. *I started putting pressure hoping it would pop free when I started to gain line. *I would slowly pull with my rod and quickly get that little bit of line on the reel. *That continued until I had "it" within ten feet of the bank and I saw a LARGE snapping turtle . *That was one time I was more than glad to cut the line.... .

Another good story was when I was taking up the flyrod, I was fishing below a small dam and wasn't watching my backcasts. *My little sister decided to walk out behind me and suddenly I felt a snag. *I thought it was the dam :-? so gave it several good jerks without looking . *I finally turned around and my sister was just standing there twitching every time I jerked :P. *

I've also caught (and released) many species of trees as well ...

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