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Default Re: Smoky Mountain Etiquette

I'm thinking it takes at least 1 hour for the run to recover. *It generally takes me (when I'm fishing with a buddy) no more than 30 minutes to cover 100 yards. *That's why if someone just gives me 100 yards - I'll fish the 100 - then get out and walk at least 1/3 mile to get into some fresh water. *Like you, I have found that rocks wet with boot prints and catching don't go together.

I haven't fished much outside the Park. *I understand etiquette is different on tail water. *But inside the Park, we ought to be able to give each other at least a 15 minute trail walk (about 1/3 mile) before putting in above a fellow angler. *This is on backcountry waters. *Through a campground, or along a road, *expectations may be different, and 100 yards may just have to do.
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