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Okay, this was before I knew the virtues of flyfishing...

I was on Citico Creek dunking corn for trout when I was a kid. I felt a strong tug on my line and just knew I had the grand daddy stocker rainbow on the line. I fought for about ten minutes before my dad came by to see what was going on. He was convinced I was just hung up on a rock ledge or submerged log. He took the rod from me and was surprised to feel a "headshake".

Dad handed me the rod and encouraged me to play this monster, as he was also sure of a huge trout on the end of the line. When we finally landed the trophy, it turned out to be a hellbender that measured almost 22". For those that don't know, a hellbender (and I hope I'm spelling it correctly) is a big ugly salamander. This thing weighed around 5 pounds! It had fairly sharp teeth ridges and I'm surprised the mono held out for the duration of the fight.

I let him go back to do whatever he does besides get young trout fishermen's hopes up. He still may be up there somewhere around Jake Best Campground, wet waders beware!
Charles M.
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