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These stories are crackin me up...
I was fishing the pocket water at the Chimneys picnic area and having a good day. I saw a spashy riser just beside some falling water on the edge of a plunge pool in front of a large rock. I tossed my EHC and green weenie dropper to the slack spot. A tiny drift and I didn't notice the take untill I saw my line start traveling across the rock and kept going up another rock on the dry land...I "set" the hook only to pulled up one of those fat little reddish brown salamanders that are every where in the Park and he wasn't going to let go of that green weenie!
No hellbender to be sure, but he had the heart... though I've seen a couple of those monster salamaders in the Park and it can be quite unnerving if you are standing in the water when one of those things comes around you.

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