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Default Re: Hazel Creek Push Carts

Game carts from Cabelas work great. If I were buying a new one, I would get dual wheel model. I would also get a big Rubber Maid box to put everything in, I think mine is 55 gal or so, and some tiedowns that can be tightened with a built-in ratchet. Cart will hold two boxes. trick is getting balance point at right height to push. Also, we have all added some sort of longer handle that goes out over each end of the handle so both can push at the same time. Be sure it is strong enough not to snap off. Ours is aluminum tube with dowell inside that is strong enough; attach with U-bolts. Make sure tie downs are fast to rails; if they slide around the entire load is at risk. Cart is great for taking on firewood hunts; as I recall, areas around campsites rather bare. Be sure not to get too wide a load, as may not fit on boat from Fontana Ramp. If water level down, rather muddy to the trailhead. Watson
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